Since our childhood, we have been hearing the terms such as ‘ecosystem,’ ‘sustainability’, ‘conservation’ and so on. But have we ever actually thought as to what is the meaning that these terms are trying to convey us?

As a part of school projects and competitions we must have developed number of projects that deal with the above mentioned terms. But, did we ever thought of developing and implementing these projects in real life?

It is very easy to speak about “sustainability” and “conservation” on daily basis but, as our responsibilities increase, we tend to get involved so much in our life that we forget about the resources which help us in our very own survival and existence. So now we come to the point where we will think that what would happen if only I contribute towards the environment while others continue with their normal lifestyle? Indeed, it is a natural tendency to think in such manner yet, it is a NO!

We need to ensure that our words match our actions. Hence, our actions need to be responsible enough towards our nature and the ways in which we can help protect it and so, please do not think in any negative aspect while you are helping the nature to heal and, if you are thinking as to how to start help our nature heal here are some five tips for the starter:

  • Avoid Over consumption:-

Water is one of the most important entities for the mankind and the usage of water has over exceeded quite a lot. Hence, it is important to remember to use water in a limited manner especially for commercial purposes.

  • Stop Plastic Usage:-

Plastic has always been the enemy of our planet and all of us agree to the fact that its usage has increased far more than expected. We all are aware how deadly plastic can be for every living being on this planet and so, we can do our bit by saying NO to it and using simple yet reusable cloth bags.

  • Use environment friendly products:-

This includes use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) doors for your house instead of wooden doors and also usage of Bio Digester toilets which are very much environment friendly.

  • Practice & Encourage Kitchen Gardening:-

Kitchen gardening is something that can be pursued as a hobby and it is through kitchen gardening that you can grow and harvest your own produce as well. This is beneficial for the environment as well as for your health and you can always give it a try.

  • Proper Waste Disposal:-

Proper waste disposal does not only mean to throw your waste in a garbage bin rather, it means that you segregate your waste and dispose it responsibly. One way you can use your wet waste is to use it for your kitchen gardening since it is high in nutrients and can be used as a very good manure.

These are some of the tips that you can use henceforth on a personal level. But, if you are looking for any biodegradable and environment friendly products then, Goa’s very own EP Kamat Group is always happy to help you with their variety of products that will boost our goal of a better tomorrow. Hence, do check out their social media pages for the variety products and together let us build a better tomorrow. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy!

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